Hire a Copywriter to Help Discover Your Brand Voice

Hire a Copywriter to Help Discover Your Brand Voice

Words and communication have always been interesting to me. I never thought I would be a writer, but when it happened, I wasn’t really surprised because I had always been a good writer throughout school. I thought I would be a booking agent for bands or a promoter. I wanted to be as closely involved in music as I could be without actually playing — my brain, hands and guitar just couldn’t get on the same page. I tried playing drums at the Museum of Pop Culture’s Sound Lab this weekend in Seattle and that is just not a skill I have. But I know words. And voice. I love writing in first person because I feel more connected to the reader.

Through words and writing, you find your voice. Today I met with an author and speaking with her was very inspiring. I want to take that inspiration, that fire and use it to create unique voices for both my brand, as well as for my clients. By finding the right voice, you’ll find your target audience.

Discovering Your Brand Voice

Whether you know it or not, your brand has a voice, a personality. The way your brand speaks to potential clients makes a big difference in converting searchers into leads, into customers, into advocates for your brand. Working with a branding agency or copywriter can help you refine that voice and personality so you’re targeting the right audience.

Do you want to be inspirational? Are you a lifestyle brand? Do you just want to sell a product or services and have people refer new business to you? By working with a copywriter or branding agency, you can work through the details in order to find your voice — how you speak to potential clients and what’s at the essence of your brand.

Some agencies will work with you to create personas to target, which is helpful. Others will ask you to picture your brand as someone at a dinner party. With my clients, I sit down with you, get to know you, your company and the kinds of clients you hope to attract. Working in the beauty and body modification niches, we’ve been able to differentiate between tattoo studios and create unique voices for each, for example. While some clients may have similar businesses in similar locations, they won’t have the same voice.

Cultivating Brand Voice

What do I mean by brand voice? No, I’m not talking about your radio jingle. I’m talking about your writing and communication style. For New Colony, I write first person because I want to be engaging and personable. I want you to read this and feel like you’re talking to someone who understands your needs.

After you’ve browsed my site and read a few of my blogs, you’ll know that I strive to be collaborative, creative and a resource in the digital world. And as you’ll see, I love music. It’s a major motivator for me and I aim to create a monthly playlist that corresponds with something I’m talking about on the blog. But not everyone should take this path.

Penny Lash, the first client that trusted us to build their website, takes a similar approach. Owner Rebecca is a master in her field and not only does she want to showcase the beautiful lash work she completes on a daily basis, she also wants to be a lifestyle brand. She wants to talk about beauty, about women, about feeling good inside and out. For Penny Lash, I’ve constructed the writing on their website and in their blogs to come from Rebecca’s voice and desire to communicate to women as a lifestyle brand.

For Monolith Tattoo Studio, they are already well-known in the industry. They have name and art recognition all throughout the city of Bend and the Pacific Northwest. When they came to us, they already had a very clear voice, which I’ve done my best to replicate. They focus on artists, art and creating one of a kind pieces the client will love for the rest of their lives. In their blogging, I try to be informative, inspirational and artistic. Every company is different and your brand voice needs to reflect that.

Find Your Voice

Just like your favorite singer or your favorite band, no one sounds the same. Even though you may be a part of a Death Cab For Cutie cover band, you develop your own voice within the constructs of their music. I interviewed Mystic Bowie, the lead singer of a reggae-inspired Talking Heads cover band a few months ago. He’s taking their music, making it his own and creating a brand voice for Talking Dreads that speaks to the right market for his artistic vision.

Are you having a hard time finding your voice? Does your social media messaging conflict with your website? Whether you’re just starting out or considering a re-branding for your long-standing business, working with a copywriter and branding agency can be beneficial in cultivating your brand voice.

Reach out! I would love to chat with you about finding your brand voice and implementing it throughout your communications — be it on your website, through your social media, on your packaging or in your advertising.

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