In 1997, my family moved to La Pine, Ore., from Morrison, Colo. After graduating as the Salutatorian at La Pine High School, I attended the University of Oregon’s School of Journalism and Communications. The Journalism school prepared me for a career in media and communications. I learned writing and reporting, video production, visual communication and editing.

After college, I worked as the Calendar Editor and Staff Writer at The Source Weekly newspaper for two and a half years. After getting my feet wet in journalism, I wanted to pursue a career in technology and spent the next four years at G5 as a Web Builder and Copywriter.

After transitioning to a position as a copywriter, I wanted to learn more about blogging and working in an agency setting. I took a position as the Lead Copywriter at The Savy Agency before leaving to start my own digital marketing agency, New Colony Digital.

In addition to taking on web and copywriting projects, I also am the Music Writer at The Source Weekly. You can catch Pick’s Picks weekly online and in print. I love writing about music — it’s my passion. In fact, the name New Colony Digital originated as a tribute to the song “Brand New Colony” by The Postal Service.

In my free time, I love discovering new music, going to concerts, camping, practicing yoga, snowboarding and spending time with my friends and family.